Use of LoRaWAN for SmartGrid networks

LoRaWAN is a low-power wireless protocol and stands for "Long Range Wide Area Network". It is

used for wireless battery-operated devices in regional, national or global networks.

The largest LoRaWAN smart meter deployment in the world with hundredthousands electricity meters supporting the LoRaWAN long range and low power wireless communication protocol is also including SmartGrid intelligent with autonomous control of streetlight.

New LoRaWAN networks are established for example in Australia and Austria. Radio network up, over which critical infrastructures such as industrial plants also over larger distances by radio pulses can be switched over. First, the very inexpensive network will be rolled out over whole Vienna.

Authentication and encryption plays an important role as the sensor networks is used by tax servers of city administrations, energy suppliers and companies working in industrial environment. Encryption is supported by the standard but not mandatory.

LoRaWAN Alliance officially announced following new specifications 1.1: + LoRaWAN 1.1 with support for handover roaming

+ Class B end devices

+ Security enhancements + Inter vendor roaming

+ Regional specific radio parameters for 1.1 end-devices

+ Backward compatibility to 1.0 LoRaWAN signal strength at tests points: Test Point 1.1 Max: 75% Test Point 1.1 Min: 25% Test Point 1.2: 0% Test Point 1.2.5: 50% Test Point 1.3: 0% Test Point 1.4: 0% Test Point 2.1: 50% Test Point 2.2.5: 0%

Test Point 3.1 Max: 75% Test Point 3.1 Min: 25% Test Point 3.2.5: 0%

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